30 thoughts on “Video Increase Onboard Graphics Card RAM – không tính phí!!! mới 2021

  1. rabih bitar says:

    i have a dell optiplex 320 that does not contain chipset and onboard video control in my bios,so where can i find these options,help please

  2. Mk says:

    Sir I have a cheap Acer laptop, in BIOS advanced settings there are lot of settings including Overclock and XMP etc… There's an option named IGD – LOW POWER MODE, its enabled by default, should I disable it to get more performance out of my integrated graphics?
    Laptop specs – i3 5005u
    Intel HD 5500 graphics
    8 GB dual channel Ram
    Laptop model E5-573-32JT..

  3. Peanut In A Nutshell says:

    So if i have 8gb ram and i set this to 512 mb vram will i have like 7gb ram and 512 vram and also if i want to reset everything to default do i make it auto and then everything will come back

  4. Tathagata Guha says:

    Ok.. I have 6gb RAM..
    My Bios max Video Mempry Was 2 gb…
    I cranked it up to that…
    So if my System start's to act funny, Can i Reset My Bios to Factory Setting ??

  5. Retro games says:

    Remember increase vram from bios your ram size will decrease for system if you have 4gb ram and you select 256 mb vram than system shows 3.6 gb usable

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