32 thoughts on “Video How to Share Steam Library With Friends (Steam Family Library Sharing) mới 2021

  1. archie says:

    I tried to library share with my second account all the games work except fall guys it just says purchase right next to it. My account is fully offline because it lets me play other games i have bought on my main account so i dont understand why it says purchase only next to fall guys someone pls help thanks

  2. Austin says:

    Remember even with trusted friends dont give them your info unless you change your info just for the process so change password afterwards

  3. Erick M says:

    But if one of my friends is at home playing a game from my library and I go to log in and play that game or a different game.. won't it forcibly log them out? I read 2 people can't play games from the same library at once.. even if we weren't trying to play the same game from my game library

  4. CircularTonic says:

    This is the reason valve stopped allowing more then one person play on the library of the shared account. Now I cannot play a different game from a family member on the same library.

  5. SoloMona18 says:

    How do I remove those games from my library when I'm done? My friend has a TONE of games and I don't play them but I haft to scroll threw all his games in my library to edit mine.

  6. Landon Harris says:

    Could I put a game on my flash drive and give it to a friend, then redownload it on my pc, and us both be able to play.

  7. Daniel Blinder says:

    Your friend cannot be using their library for this to work. Just an fyi. Not so useful if you are sharing with a friend who actually plays their games or if you want to coop. Is only useful for trying games they happen to not be playing at that time.

  8. hihelloxxxx says:

    Cant play friends game while they are using their library. does playing 2 different games on a 2 different device not possible?

  9. нεsтια кηιgнтωαlкεя says:

    My bf and I did this but the games aren't showing up on my computer when I log into my steam acct. Family sharing is off too and the games will not show but show on my acct on his computer idk what's going on?

  10. VoorheesTV says:

    Is there any way for me to play their games through MY account after downloading them, or do I have to use THEIR account instead?

  11. LegitCatcher21 says:

    So my uncle shared his lubery to my computer but he won't do it to my dad's, so is there a way I can share the shared library with my dad?

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