Enjoy the convenience and control of Google Assistant for your AV receivers and amplifiers with HEOS built-in. Setup is fast and simple. To begin, open the HEOS app and click on the rooms icon to see all the devices open on your network. Click on the pencil icon, choose the HEOS device that you want to connect with your Google Assistant and select a name for your device. Next, open the Google Trang chủ app and click the plus icon to setup a new device. Choose the link icon to link your Google Assistant with the HEOS account. Once you authorize the Google Assistant to control your HEOS account, setup is complete. Now, use your voice and the Google Assistant to control mute, unmute, play, pause, next, previous track and more. Enjoy seamless control with exceptional sound.
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  1. Ferdinand Gleinser

    2 years later and i still cant start my spotify Playlist via google assistant on my AVR3600h. Denon…are you sleeping? HEOS is a joke🙄

  2. alain fa

    hello, sorry but it goes too fast from the 1mn 25…..you have to click or ? thank you.

  3. Lincoln Beard

    I spent 1000.00 for their amp.(receiver) I thought the heos system would work. It sucks. Buy a different system.

  4. Mallie Gezellig

    Ok, please help! because I am about te return the reciever. I connected the receiver to googlle home but I can´t add it into a home group with more speakers. Like in the bedroom etc. I tought the reciever would see it as a speaker in google home but the it´s sees it as a device. So I can´t add it in a home group. I can use the google audio dongle to make it a smart speaker system which I did. Connected to phone outlet but the sound quality is rubbish then plus it´s old fashioned to do this. So, does anyone know how to add this device in a speaker group in google home?

  5. Nuno Cordeiro dos Santos

    I’m a Deezer HiFi subscriber and thus far I cannot stream in HEOS app in no better than 320kbps MP3. Gotta use the Deezer App my iPhone and use AirPlay. It’s pointless to have a DENON AVR and a whole Denon environment with HEOS home speakers all over the house if I must stream in lame MP3 sound quality. No responses from DENON despite my contact attempts… Shame on you Denon

  6. Pierre-Alain L.

    Almost 2 years later, any new feature available ? Can't we just swich on/off the AVR using GH ?

  7. Heinrich Vieweg

    What this video does not explain is that in order to play music in HEOS, it first needs to start playing elsewhere and then transfer to HEOS. They do explain this in the step by step set-up in their website.

    Once you tell your device "Continue playing in (HEOS device)" then it will switch the audio output.

    What a headache Denon…

  8. Matthias Meyer

    Is it also possible to add the Denon device to a Google Speaker Group? I just tried it with my Denon 150 speaker. The procedure you show here worked. However, it seems I can't add the speaker to a group with Google Home speakers. Can you confirm? If this does not work: Can we expect an update? When?

  9. Derek Tom

    Today is April 26, 2020 and this does not work on my AVR-X2600.
    Amazon Alexa integration also does not work.
    I can link HEOS account to both my Google Home and Alexa Skill but they both do not work.
    Very disappointing.
    Thankfully, Apple AirPlay works.

  10. Emerson Tiago

    My AVR-X4500H is not recognized as a speaker by Google Home…Link and UnLink and nothing…hi Denon, can you help me?!

  11. DCUPtoejuice

    I can tell google home devices to play music and then after it starts I can tell it to play on my heos receiver, and it works, but I cannot just say play music on the heos device in one step. Bugs in Google home

  12. Google Nutzer

    So disappointet!!!!! No applemusic, no alexa connection over bluetooth, no nesthub over bluetooth. How do i have to play music with heos over google nest hub??? No example nothing… hundreds of euros for nothing

  13. HaNsKloPPs

    I cannot control my x2600H by GH too. Receiver is set as an alarm in assistant app. No way to change this . Commands are not working. GH cannot find device or finding it randomly. Its a joke . Denon Please remove google assistant sticker from your product!

  14. Morten Normann Almeland

    Hey Google – Play Radio 1 on SoundHeos (soundHeos is the name of the heos system) – Failed…

  15. Gael Poffet

    It seems that I have a different issue than all of you. My AVR-S950H is not recognized as a speaker by GH and so nothing is possible to do then with GH. Tried to unlink and relink HEOS on GH a few time without any success. I bought this amp for specifically GH compatibility so I'm really thinking about bringing it back to the shop.

  16. RufftaMan

    So far Denon has let me down hard. Their hardware is great, but their software is sub-par at best.
    In the HEOS app, it seems impossible to sort folders on my network drive in alphabetical order, which is hilariously frustrating. On the other hand, when you add an album to the playlist, the track order IS alphabetical, not in the order they should be by album track number. What the hell is up with that?
    And I for one wasn't able to get it working with Google assistant at all.
    Also, what's with indexing a maximum of 40'000 tracks, mentioned on the website? My Music archive is easily more than twice that large.
    HEOS sounded like a great idea when I bought it, but it feels very outdated software wise once you start using it. A shame really.

  17. Aaron Androff

    Doesn't seem like I can tell it to start a song or stream, definitely can't cast from Google to heos. Prettyuch worthless if I can't tell it to play YouTube

  18. René Drongstrup

    Is this going to be yet another Heos/Google scandal?
    First we were promised built in chromecsst and now Google assistant.
    Let see if Denon craps on us again 🙂

  19. munchy

    i was debating denon 2500h or sony 1080, aftrer this i will probably not go denon helios sound bad. need google assistant to work with the amp.

  20. Joris Munnik

    Unfortunately I'm still not able to play music on my Home Cinema HS1 through Google Home Mini or Assistant. Bluetooth adapter is setup properly (Spotify can directly stream to it as a BT device) on HC. The HC is listed as Home Cinema Bluetooth in HEOS app.
    In Google Home app HC is successfully added as the default speaker for playing music. Default service for playing music is set to Spotify.

    When requesting on the Mini or Assistant to play music on the HC, Assistant tells me music can be played anywhere except on this speaker 😩

    Am I doing something wrong or are there limitations which limit functionality set by HEOS/Denon, Spotify or by Assistant?
    Also, why do I need a BT adapter for the HC being listed in Google Home? I would expect this to work through WiFi or ethernet connection directly, just like the rest of the stuff that works with the Mini and Assistant…

    Using these products in The Netherlands (EU), a solution on this will be very appreciated 🙂

  21. Gustavo Martins

    Is possible control the volume when denon is in tv mode? I know control the volume the denon in modo bluethooth, i want to control the volume the tv sound that out in my denon using google home

  22. Paul Gracey

    Denon.. you can do better than this. 5 months and still no updates to what would be expected in a premium device… whats happening??

  23. Lu Ka

    Cheap Chinese speakers have better control then Heos. What a shame for Denon! Living in EU, have English language on my android phone but still can't control these overpriced devices

  24. ryan sukumar

    I've done all the steps but google home still says that it cannot find the living room tv and to make its connected to thr internet? My Denon Receiver isconnected to the internet.

  25. Nisse J

    its only control the Heos app,before you could control the reciever volym when you see a movie.

  26. Richard Dube

    It worked for about a month on my AVR-S730H. Now Google home only controls the HEOS input (volume etc.). Will not control the volume on any other inputs.

  27. mrtobylund

    Hi, so what is the easiest way to control Spotify? Through airplay (where GH can control all things) or through HEOS?

  28. Ichijoe2112

    Ok now for the 100$(USD), question. What if I were less inclined to use one of the most reassuringly expensive, or in the case of Sound Cloud, outrigh sh– tier streaming services. As you have listed them, (The vast majority THANKFULLY of which are excluse to North Amaerica ONLY!).

    When might you suppose that I might be able to cast my Google Play Music Library, of purchased Albums to my AVR X2500H? Considering how gimped Spotify on this system is. At least I could cast it from my Shield TV. Apparently, that's not good enough here, and would require me to pay the toll to basicly do what I have always done up to this point.

    If you have to pimp out to these idiotic money leachers. Could you at least find one that streamed something of interest like proper multi channel DSD files? This to me probably would be worth 9.95$(USD), a month.

    But, I wish you would just allow us to use our Google Play Music Accounts on our Devices instead.

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