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East Or West Home Is Best Nghia La Gi - Four Brothers Story in English | Stories for Teenagers | English Fairy Tales

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Nguồn: Four Brothers Story in English | Stories for Teenagers | English Fairy Tales

45 thoughts on “East Or West Home Is Best Nghia La Gi ? Four Brothers Story in English | Stories for Teenagers | English Fairy Tales

  1. Nam Bảo says:

    once upon a time in a tiny village
    there lived a fisherman with his four sons.
    his sons were called rob,kole,alex and harry.
    the fisherman was very poor.
    selling fish was his only source of income
    and he managed to earn just enough to feed his family.
    he had nothing more to give his sons.
    one day he called his sons and told them…
    my children, listen.
    i have nothing to give you.
    now you are old enough so must go out into the world
    find a vocation and try your luck
    but father
    we know no trade or art
    what will we do away from home?
    that is exactly what you need to find out.
    you must leave to figure out
    what kind of you are capable of doing
    but father we have never ventured out on our own
    ky child
    nothing will go wrong
    i do not want to lead the life of a fisherman
    we can barely make a living with this work
    go and earn a lucrative trade
    alright father
    if this is what you want
    we shall certainly go
    yes father,we shall go
    the four brothers bid goodbye to their father and left
    after some distance they saw four roads all going in different directions
    rob said to his brothers
    i think that each of us must choose one of these roads
    amd meet here once again after four years
    as you say big brother
    as you say big brother
    the four brothers go on four different roads
    rob meets a man the way
    mate,this is a dead end
    where are going?
    i want to learn a trade
    any kind of trade which will enable me to learn a living.
    so come with me
    i shall male you the world's stealthiest thief
    no!no! i want to earn with honesty
    no through thievery
    i want to live freely and not get relegated to a jail
    look mate
    who is asking you to go to prison
    just learn the skill of thievery
    but use it for doing good
    rob agrees with him
    he thinks that there is nothing wrong with learning a trade
    so he goes with the man
    he makes him so adept at skill of thievery
    that no matter what rob wanted
    he could easily steal it without anymore ever knowing
    while walking kole reaches a spot where a river is flowing
    amd there is just one house in the area
    amd nothing else for miles around
    he sees one man standing near the river
    his holding machine made of glass
    kole could not understand what it is
    he goes to him
    hey mate
    what ore you doing?
    with this machine you can easily see things far in the distance
    it is called a pair of binoculars
    this seems to be very interesting
    will you teach me how to use this?
    if you want to learn,i shall certainly teach you
    kole stars living with that man
    the man teaches him the skill of using the binoculars
    within a few months kole becomes an expert at it
    you have learnt well
    so,if you want to leave,you are free to go
    yes, a whole year has passed
    now i must leave
    alright,take this pair of binoculars with you
    with it you will be able to see everything whether on earth or in the sky.
    in the meanwhile,he third brother alex meets hunter
    he stays with the hunter in his house
    and learns from him the skill of hunting
    alex is has been many days that you have been practicing here in the field
    today,me must practice in the jungle
    let us see if you can take aim at moving objecs
    both 9f th reach the forest
    where the hunter shows alex how to make aim at a running deer
    the arrow hits the deer and kills it
    alex,come on now you take aim
    alex takes an arrow and aims it at a flying bird
    but the arrow misses
    alex you still need practice
    from now on, everyday we sall come to the jungle to practice
    as you say
    everyday the hunter world bring alex to the forest for practice
    eventually alex could hit targets and not miss a single aim
    he had become an absolute expert in the art of hunting
    brave alex! now your aim perfect
    amd you have learnt every aspect of this skill
    thank you brother
    you have helped me so much
    it is only because of you that i have been able to learn this
    now i wish to go back home so that i may help my father
    sure,you may leave and take this bow amd arrow with you
    they will be useful
    the youngest brother harry reaches a village
    where he meets a tailor
    brother,who are you
    and what re you doing here?
    my name is harry amd i have come to learn any kind of trade
    alright, tell me if you wish to become a tailor
    i can teach you
    sure,why not
    i would love to learn
    harry starts staying in the Tailor is house
    with all his heart,the tailor teaches harry the art of stitching clothes
    he explains to harry the finest intricacies of the work
    like how does one thread a needle
    how does one hold a piece of cloth before stitching
    he teaches him everything
    as time goes by
    harry learns tailoring very well indeed
    the tailor is very happy with harry for his hard work amd sincerity
    while harry leaves,the tailor gives him a needle amd thread and tells him
    i am very happy with your work
    take this needle and thread
    keep it as soft as soft wool edd
    and as tough as steel
    then you can stitch anything
    amd no one will ever be able to spot the joint
    in whatever you stitch
    the four brothers reach the same spot
    where thay had promised to meet after four years
    from there they go back home together
    on reaching home they meet their father
    amd tell him what each one of them has learnt
    one day all of them were sitting with their father under a tree outside their house
    when theor father said
    today i want to see how skilled you are at the trades you have learnt
    there is a nest on top of the tree
    tell me how many eggs are in it
    alright rob
    now you get me the eggs from under the bird
    who is sitting atop them to hatch them
    but the bird must not come to know
    rob climbed the tree and without the bird getting to see him
    he stole eggs
    he was such an expert
    that the bird did not even realise the eggs had disappead from underneath it
    the fisherman kept the four eggs on the four corners of a table
    amd said to his son alex
    cut qll four eggs into two
    with just one arrow
    bu5 the chics inside the eggs should not be hurt
    alex removd his arrow
    amd with just one arrow he cut the eggs into two
    the fisherman was very happy to see this
    amd them he said to his son harry
    now stitch these together
    amd show me so that the bird cam give birth to its offspring
    harry removed his needle amd stitched up the eggs
    amd them rob put the eggs back in the nest
    the bird did not even come to know
    very good my children
    all of you have learnt with all sincerity in these four years
    i don't have any gift to give you
    but i am certain that life will reward you for your hard work
    after a few days the news spread in the intire kingdom
    that one dragon had kidnapped the princess
    the king declared that whosoever found the princess
    would get her hand in marriage
    my sons
    you have got an opportunity to show your talens
    go save the princess from the dragon
    all four brothers prepared themselves
    and left to save the princess
    kole saw from his pair of binoculars and said
    i can see where the princess is
    the dragon has hiddren her on an island in the middle of the sea
    and he is sitting there , keeping watch
    then they went to the king amd asked for a boat
    so that they may reach the island
    the king gave th a ship
    and the four of them reached the island
    kole saw through his pair of binoculars and said:
    the dragon is sleeping nearby and his head is on the princess is lap
    in that case i can't take aim lest the arrow hurts the princess
    wait,i shall steal the princess and bring her
    you keep the boat ready
    rob stole the princess from the dragon
    but when they were returning to the ship
    the dragon awoke
    and flying above th ,he followed them
    he was just about to attack
    when alex killed him with his arrows
    but when the dragon fell in the water,with the impact of the fall
    the water became violent and the boat broke to piece
    they were all floating with the help of the various pieces
    so harry removed his needle
    amd taking big lengths of thread
    he started stitching the boards of wood together
    and soon so many boards were stitched together
    that all of them could sit on them
    and them they braught home safely
    when they went to the king
    the kind said to them;
    all four of you decide amongst yourselves
    as to who shall marry the princess
    when they heard this all four brothers started fighting among themselves
    had i not found the princess
    what could you Three have done?
    hence,i shall marry the princess
    had i not rescued the princess from dragon
    what would the three of you have done?
    i shall marry the princess
    had i not killed the dragon
    would the three of you have ever been able to reach the princess home
    so how can you marry her?
    i should be the one to marry her
    had i not stictched the boat
    all of you would have drowned
    that is why i shall marry the princess
    seeing the four brothers fight
    the king decided that none of th will marry the princess
    for no one will be happy like this
    the king gave half his kingdom to the four brothers as reward
    the brothers got everything they wanted
    and in this way the fisherman finally got rid of his poverty
    and they all lived happily ever after

  2. Ishana Mududi says:

    In the story, one of the brothers should have married the princess and the other three brothers would have married someone else
    instead of fighting of who should marry the princess.
    Or, all four brothers are equally talented, so all four could have married the king’s daughter since they all loved her.
    By the way, I love this story. ❤️

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